Unions paid by Non-Union Child Care Providers

Date: 2011


Unshackle Upstate, a bipartisan coalition of more than 70 business and trade organizations representing a growing group of more than 70,000 companies and employing upwards of 1.5 million people, opposes the Article VII budget language found in S. 6607-A/A. 9707-A, that would authorize the deduction and transfer of payments to child care unions from certain child care providers.

This provision is follow-up legislation to Gov. Spitzer’s Executive Order #12 that was signed in 2007, which allowed for the unionization of home-based child care providers in New York State. In October 2009, the state determined that it would seek to implement legislation on behalf of the unions that represent the child care workers (United Federation of Teachers and Civil Service Employees Association) to collect “fair share payments” from providers who have chosen to not join one of the aforementioned unions. The unions have argued that they are entitled to collect this funding because they have fought for, and represented all, child care workers, regardless of whether they are union members or not.

This is simply another example of unions caring only about increasing their membership while the rest of the state crumbles. Throughout this fiscal crisis, the public employee unions have failed to agree to any concessions, while the private sector has had to endure salary cuts and layoffs. As the state continued to explore ways to save money, such as workforce reductions and consolidations, the unions have fought bitterly against such action to the point that they have actually sued the state in order to continue to provide staffing for a facility that was closed as part of last year’s budget.

As a result of the public sector union’s stranglehold on New York State, we as taxpayers have been saddled with an ineffective voluntary retirement program and a watered-down Tier V pension system that has done little to eradicate the amount of money we pay for our bloated state workforce.

The provision contained within this section of the Executive Budget will only invigorate the state’s public employee unions at the expense of every other New Yorker. For these reasons, Unshackle Upstate opposes the enactment of this legislation.