SED Reportings/Streamlines

Date: 2010


March 2, 2010
RE:    AN ACT to amend the education
law, in relation to the streamlining
planning and reporting requirements for
school districts and boards of cooperative
educational services
S. 3874-A Oppenheimer
A.7568-A Nolan
Unshackle Upstate, a bi-partisan coalition of over 70+ business and trade organizations 
representing a growing group of 45,000 companies and employing more than 1 million people 
support the enactment of the aforementioned bill.  This legislation would significantly amend the 
state’s education law by streamlining many of the current reporting requirements and repealing 
many unnecessary and duplicative sections of current law. 
Specifically, this bill would provide the Commissioner of Education the responsibility to reduce 
the amount of paperwork that is generated by school districts and boards of cooperative 
educational services (BOCES) and charter schools by allowing certain reporting requirements and 
plans submitted to the Department of Education to be posted on their websites.  In addition, the 
bill requires the Commissioner to streamline the current reporting requirements for school 
districts and BOCES, by conforming state reporting and planning requirements to federal 
requirements and for the Commissioner to identify best practices in this area.  
Unshackle Upstate has been a major proponent of the implementation of many of the findings 
from the New York State Commission on Local Government Efficiency and Competitiveness or 
Lundine Commission.  Specifically, our organization supports and is advocating for immediate 
action on some of the Commission’s findings such as: a plan for school district consolidation; 
regional collective bargaining thru BOCES; and, the consolidation of non-instructional items, 
such as HR and purchasing, through BOCES. 
Property Taxes in this state continue to be a major cause of concern.  New York has the highest 
local taxes in America, at 78% above the national average and property tax levies are rising at 
more than twice the rate of inflation and salary growth.  Some of the measures included within 
this bill are good first steps in correcting New York State’s property tax burden and enactment of 
this legislation would send the right message to homeowners across the state that the elected 
officials in Albany are determined to alleviate a long-overdue problem.  
Any bill that seeks to eliminate some of the burdens that school districts, BOCES and charter 
schools face should be advocated for and implemented.  Our state continues to face significant fiscal strife and creative ways to save the education system money should continually be 
For these reasons, Unshackle Upstate supports the enactment of this legislation.