The New York Rural and Agricultural Jobs Act (S.4727/A.4772)


S.4727 (Seward)

A.4772 (Woerner)


Unshackle Upstate, a non-partisan, pro-taxpayer, pro-economic growth, education and advocacy coalition made up of business and trade organizations from all parts of Upstate New York, supports this legislation.

Specifically, this bill would create the New York Rural and Agricultural Jobs Act, which would create a $100 million dollar fund generated through private investment that is exclusively dedicated to New York’s small businesses that are: either in the agricultural sector; or located in rural areas of the state.  

It is critically important that New York State continue to explore ways and methods that will aid and promote economic development and job creation.  This focus becomes even more imperative for many communities across Upstate New York that continue to struggle with a lack of private sector job growth and population stagnation.  Ensuring that we have successful farming and agricultural businesses are essential to the state’s overall economy and focus, and continued investment in these areas will only bolster New York State as a whole. 

We strongly support the enactment of this legislation as part of the 2017-18 New York State Budget.