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  • Joint Statement from Unshackle Upstate and Greater Binghamton Chamber of Commerce Regarding Natural Gas Development

    Statement attributable to Brian Sampson, executive director of Unshackle Upstate and Lou Santoni, president and CEO of the Greater Binghamton Chamber of Commerce.

    Posted: Jul 7th, 2014

  • Statement from Unshackle Upstate Regarding the End of the 2014 Legislative Session

    Statement attributable to Brian Sampson, Unshackle Upstate executive director

    Posted: Jun 20th, 2014

  • Unshackle Upstate to Albany: Let’s Get Upstate Growing

    Pro-business organization promotes end-of-session legislative agenda.


    ALBANY, NY – Unshackle Upstate today unveiled its 2014 end of session priority list, highlighting the 13 items that will impact the future of the Upstate economy. Citing the ongoing struggles of the Upstate economy, Unshackle Upstate executive director Brian Sampson encouraged Governor Cuomo and the Legislature to focus on this agenda.


    “As this year’s session comes to an end, our leaders in Albany have an opportunity to prove that they’re truly committed to growing the Upstate economy,” said Sampson. “These measures, some we proudly support and others we strongly oppose, will have a real impact on our future. As Governor Cuomo and other elected officials continue to discuss the best ways to improve the Upstate economy, they should turn their focus toward the Let’s Get Upstate Growing agenda and take action.”

    Posted: Jun 2nd, 2014