Statement from Unshackle Upstate Regarding the 2016 Legislative Session

Posted: Jun 17th, 2016

“We’re deeply disappointed about the 2016 legislative session, as our representatives in Albany failed to take any meaningful actions to spur Upstate economic growth. Instead, lawmakers imposed a multi-billion minimum wage increase and enacted a new paid family leave mandate - both of which will squeeze struggling Upstate employers, taxpayers and consumers.

Lawmakers also failed to follow through with any significant actions to decrease the cost of doing business in the state, which was the supposed purpose of the temporary Business Regulation Council that was announced in April.

Albany’s rhetoric about ‘rebuilding the Upstate economy’ appears to be just that – rhetoric. The reality is that many Upstate communities continue to lose jobs and population because of the state’s harsh business climate. The cost of doing business in Upstate New York is still too high. Until that changes, we will never be able to compete in the global economy.

If we want to create more jobs and attract people to Upstate New York, lawmakers need to aggressively address our high taxes and hostile business climate. The 2016 legislative session fell far short of those goals.

Unshackle Upstate looks forward to working with our partners this fall to educate Upstate voters about the failures of this legislative session so that they can help bring about positive economic change for Upstate communities.”