Unshackle Upstate Announces 2016 Legislative Endorsements (Updated)

Posted: Oct 6th, 2016

ROCHESTER, NY – Unshackle Upstate (www.unshackleupstate.com), through its political action committee UPAC, today announced its slate of 2016 legislative endorsements. The bi-partisan list is comprised of 12 Senate candidates and 22 Assembly candidates.

“Voters across Upstate are concerned about sluggish job growth and the overall health of the economy. The 33 candidates that we’ve endorsed today will fight for a pro-growth agenda that includes tax relief, sensible regulatory reforms, a better business climate and a brighter future for Upstate New York,” said Greg Biryla, executive director of Unshackle Upstate. “We’re proud to support these candidates and encourage Upstate voters to support them with us on Election Day.”

Senate Endorsements (12)

Assembly Endorsements (22)

Karl Brabenec (R) Asm. District 98

Pete Lopez (R) Asm. District 102

Steve McLaughlin (R) Asm. District 107

Dan Stec (R) Asm. District 114

John Byrne (R) Asm. District 116

Ken Blankenbush (R) Asm. District 117

Marc Butler (R) Asm. District 118

Will Barclay (R) Asm. District 120

Cliff Crouch (R) Asm. District 122

Gary Finch (R) Asm. District 126

Bob Oaks (R) Asm. District 130

Brian Kolb (R) Asm. District 131

Phil Palmesano (R) Asm. District 132

Peter Lawrence (R) Asm. District 134

Steve Hawley (R) Asm. District 139

Robin Schimminger (D) Asm. District 140

Mike Norris (R) Asm. District 144       

Angelo Morinello (R) Asm. District 145

Ray Walter (R) Asm. District 146

Dave DiPietro (R) Asm. District 147

Joe Giglio (R) Asm. District 148

Andy Goodell (R) Asm. District 15

Prior to receiving Unshackle Upstate’s endorsement, the 34 candidates – comprised of incumbents and challengers – were vetted using the organization’s Legislative Scorecard grades, questionnaire responses and input from regional business leaders.

Following today’s endorsements, Unshackle Upstate and its leadership team will continue to monitor other races across the state and may make additional endorsements prior to November 8.