Unshackle Upstate Slams Wage Board’s Recommendations

Posted: Jul 22nd, 2015

“New York State needs an economic environment that supports job creation to lift low-income people out of poverty, not significant new wage mandates that will give employers yet another reason to leave New York for economic opportunities elsewhere. This is especially true Upstate, which has experienced a half century of job and population loss.  
The Fast Food Wage Board’s final recommendations set a dangerous precedent that should alarm every employer in New York State. Businesses that are already struggling under New York’s high taxes and burdensome mandates are looking at Governor Cuomo’s misguided wage board approach and are worried that they will be its next target. 
This process shows that changes to the state’s minimum wage should be done through the legislative process, where our elected officials can hear and consider the views of taxpayers and employers, not just labor advocates.”